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In the Russian Federation Apostille is affixed to the originals of the documents:

  • Bodies of the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation – on the documents issued by their subordinate bodies and institutions of justice and the relevant judicial authorities as well as on the copies of documents certified by a notary in the same republic, territory, region, district, city;
  • Registry Office bodies of republics within Russia, as well as of the subjects of the Russian Federation – on the certificates of civil registration, issued by these bodies;
  • The Administrative Department of the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation – on the documents formalized under the Prosecutor’s office;
  • The Ministry of Education shall affix “apostille”  to the documents on education;
  • The Department for documentary reference work of “Rosarchive” – on the documents issued by the central state archives of Russia as well as archival bodies of republics, autonomous districts, territories and regions – on the documents issued by their subordinate archives.

Attention! The Russian Foreign Ministry and its consular offices as well as the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation are not entitled to affix “apostille”. Passports of citizens of the Russian Federation, employment records, military cards and any identity cards are NOT SUBJECT to export and transfer abroad, and in the prescribed manner, are not accepted for affixing the Apostille either in original or in copies. On the copies of official documents Apostille is affixed in the regional departments of justice. The procedure of formalization includes several steps:

  • translation of document (terms are specified in place);
  • notarization of the translated document;
  • apostillization of documents in the Ministry of Justice (up to five working days).
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