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The Translation Bureau «MAXIMUS» has been working in this field since 2000 and offers one of the highest quality services of business translation in Moscow. Apart from translation we perform interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive). Various themes – technical, financial, legal and medical documents, as well as texts of a private nature.
We have assembled a team of professional translators working in almost all areas and scope of activity and acquainted with details of the vocabulary of most languages of the world. We provide, if necessary, respective legal services: notarization of translation and copies, apostillization, legalization. We can also act as interpreters in the execution of notary acts for foreign citizens who do not speak Russian. Besides, we assist persons in filling in their forms to be submitted to the embassies of foreign states. Translation of a document includes the translator’s work, as well as layout, proofreading and printing, and can be performed on customer’s request either in paper or electronic media.
You can order translation personally by visiting our office (passage scheme) or by e-mail, indicating the contact information. And, of course, we are ready to consult you on any questions of the organization of translation.
Over the years we have translated thousands of passports, contracts, statutory documents and manuals for various equipment. We have carried out a literary translation of restaurant menus, monographs, books and feature films. Have provided support for a number of major conferences.

It is hard to imagine a state border or a language barrier that we will not help you to overcome whatever purpose, be it business, education or living for your pleasure.

Don’t lose your possibilities because of translation difficulties. We won’t lose anything in translating.

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